Oh, Hey! I Think I Know You...

Not sure how to build deeper relationships with your clients? Looking for the right words to tell them you can relate to their struggles AND solve their problems? I see you, and I hear you!

Hi, I’m Cheryl Botas and I help business owners who feel fed up and frustrated with writing get clear on WHAT they’re doing, WHY they’re doing it and HOW to talk about it (a.k.a sell it!). 

Too often people waste their time and energy trying to master skills they just aren’t cut out for. I bet you’ve tried writing prompts, workshops, content calendars, courses, or even hired a coach, but no matter what you still can’t crush that writers block.

Sound familiar? Trust me, I get it. 

I'm here to take those pesky writing tasks off your desk and free-up more of your time.

As business owners, we wear every hat we can to stay relevant and it gets exhausting quick.

Trying to master every skill isn’t sustainable, it only leads to disappointment and burn out. That’s why working with me is a win-win.
You’ll feel lighter, happier and see a spike in engagement!

Life’s hard enough, let’s make writing about your business easy.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me


I like writing, a lot.
When I was in middle school, I started filling journals with poetry and short stories. I continued this hobby through high school, into university and still plug away at it today. I'm currently writing a novel.


I have a degree in Public Relations and 15 years experience.
In 2005, I graduated with a Bachelor of Public Relations (BPR) from Mount Saint Vincent University. I spent 15 years working in various corporate settings and have worked in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Ontario. If there's one thing I know, it's people.


I’m terrible at math.
Words are like the Jedi to me - peaceful, strong, and full of light. Then there's numbers, or as I like to call them, numerical soldiers of the dark side.


I smell books.
Reading is my second greatest love after writing. When I walk into a bookstore, I get a rush of serotonin. Once I’ve settled on the book I’m taking home, I fan out its pages in front of my face and take one big whiff of the story I get to devour.


As a kid I played with monsters.
I collected stuffed monsters growing up and strategically arranged them at the top of my bed. Let's just say they were my entourage and I might still have them.


My favourite food is vegetables.
I chug green smoothies like they're root beer floats and add broccoli to everything. I also could eat veggie pizza everyday for the rest of my life.


I’m always losing my glasses.
If I’m caught squinting, it’s because I can’t see. I lose my glasses at least four times a day and I own three pairs.


I have a deep attachment to the 80s.
Nostalgia means a lot to me, so does good music. You’ll find me regularly jamming to hair metal and watching reruns of Jem and the Holograms.


I’m really good at charades.
I take dramatic acting very seriously, karaoke is equally important to me.


My dog’s named after a rocker.
Ozzy Pawsborne is the love of my life. I once threw him a birthday party with invitations, party hats, tennis ball cupcakes and loot bags… clearly this was before kids.