I'm Cheryl and I fuse market research with psychology to create messages that position you as the expert and tell your story.

Who want to stand out from the crowd
So they can build trust, increase their influence
And be seen as the expert.

My clients are small business owners

wanting to alleviate the pressure on small business owners to 'do it all.'

Too often people waste their time (and money) trying to master every skill in the book.

I bet you’ve tried writing prompts, workshops and courses but no matter what, you’re still writing messages that miss the point, aren’t clear and tell the wrong story.

Here's why - it's LESS about the writing and MORE about the psychology. 

Before you launch into writing about your business, you need to first understand WHAT problem you solve, HOW you solve it and WHY your solution is the best option. 

After that's clear, so is your schedule for more time to feel good about writing.

For me, it started with...

Choose from a list of writing services and get back to doing more of what you love.

A La Carte

Time saver

Present your story, share your struggle and reveal your solution.  Get ready, you're going to need a waitlist!



Copy that tells your story and a polished & professional design that takes your business to a whole new level

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Here's how I can help:

Cheryl has an incredible way of combining sales psychology with compassionate messaging. Her copy is clear, concise and most importantly - converts.  


Cheryl's biggest strength is understanding people. She immediately makes you feel at ease and you know the language of your business will be well represented.

- Jen Macphee, Brand Photographer

I hired Cheryl to produce my website copy - her knowledge of storytelling, hooks and persuasive copy was invaluable. The end result was copy that reflected my brand and made me feel like an industry leader. 


Cheryl created a voice for my brand that felt like my own. I would recommend working with Cheryl to anyone - especially if you want your content to be engaging, creative, and fun!" 

- victoria cubbon, graphic designer

Cheryl protects the integrity of your voice and works hard to protect it. She familiarizes herself with your brand until she knows it inside and out - making you confident in her messaging.


Kind Words

In 2005, I graduated with a Bachelor of Public Relations (BPR) from Mount Saint Vincent University. I spent 15 years working in various corporate settings and have worked in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Ontario. If there's one thing I know, it's people.


Writing has always been my passion. When I was in middle school, I filled journals with poetry and short stories. I continued this hobby throughout high school, into university and still plug away at it today. At present, I'm writing a novel.


I have a deep attachment to the 80s. Nostalgia means a lot to me, so does good music. You’ll find me regularly jamming to hair metal and appreciating anything retro.


My dog's named after a Rockstar. Ozzy Pawsborne is the love of my life. I once threw him a birthday party with invitations, party hats, tennis ball cupcakes and loot bags… clearly this was before kids.


Some fun facts about me...

Utilize your platforms

Understand the problem

Clarify your niche

Become an Expert

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I'm Cheryl 

Utilize your platforms

Understand the problem

Clarify your niche

Become an Expert

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